Dr. Karen Berry

Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Karen Berry is a Licensed Psychologist with 30 years experience assisting people at building relationships that make real differences.  She has extensive training in behavioral analysis, applied psychology, the science of learning, interpersonal neurobiology, brain science and mindfulness.  Her style is nonjudgmental, direct, pragmatic and no-nonsense.  Her ability to quickly assess an individual’s capacities and reframe their strategies makes learning and change practical and accessible.

Leadership Coaching

As the modern day workplace becomes increasingly demanding and complex, leadership coaching can enable you to become an exceptional leader, capable of building a healthy organization and leading high-functioning teams. 


Through one-on-one sessions, Karen assesses an executive’s behavioral, decision-making, conflict management, and communication styles. She uses real-life situations to deliver constructive feedback and provides supportive accountability to optimize performance. 

How Coaching Works

Karen works with individuals in a one-on-one setting to:

  • Define vision of success and goals for coaching sessions

  • Identify skill sets necessary to achieve the vision 

  • Assess current strengths and areas for development 

  • Create a roadmap with a sequence of steps to reach the goals

  • Provide supportive accountability for each step, leveraging learning opportunities along the path

Executive Team Building

The most effective teams are able to build trust and create a sense of psychological safety that allows for productive conflict. Karen works with teams to develop the infrastructure of a healthy, high functioning organization. Through this process, team members learn how to leverage complementary strengths and styles to enhance communication, collaboration, decision making, and strategic thinking.


She is particularly effective with executive teams in transition, helping to first establish a secure relationship between current and successive leaders and then build a strong foundation and cohesive vision for the broader leadership team. 

How Team Building Works

Karen works with teams in small group settings in a 2-phased approach:

Phase 1:  Develop the Primary Leaders’ Partnership

  • Leaders identify their mission and role definitions

  • Develop respective “owner’s manuals” to deepen trust and understanding

  • Create laws of governance for the partnership to help streamline operations

  • Establish operating principles and architecture for broader leadership team


Phase 2:  Extend Infrastructure to the Broader Leadership Team

  • Identify mission, role definitions, and laws of governance for the larger group 

  • Build trust and ability to utilize conflict as a source of powerful solutions 

  • Establish dyads for ongoing support and accountability


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